Moon Stair

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Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.
Moon Stair
Moon stair.png
Moon Stair

Hex prisms burst out of black marble beds, and their edges decohere as warm static dew. The Stair purrs at low frequency.


The Moon Stair is a late-game region which was added in version 204.48. It is a maze-like landscape of hexagonal crystal and black marble, full of n-ary trees, icosahedars, and glitchwood trees, with pools of dilute warm static. It is home to some of the highest-level creatures in the game, as well as the tree-city Chavvah at Eyn Roj.

In addition to high level enemies, the Moon Stair has significant environmental hazards. Some types of hexagonal crystal have a chance of creating multiple exceptionally dangerous Evil Twins of the player character if broken, and the random effects from dilute warm static can have various negative consequences (including potentially spawning Evil Twins via the shade oil injector overdose effect).

Psychic Biomes

The Moon Stair contains psychic biomes, which cover regions similarly to other biomes. Every creature in a psychic biome will have a mental mutation associated with the zone. They can be visually distinguished by the presence of large numbers of psychal rhythm rock, as well as the zone name, which will contain an adjective or epithet relating to the zone's mutation (see the psychic biome article for details).

Moon Stair Creatures


The legends of Resheph and the story told by Elder Irudad both mention that the Girsh Nephilim were born on the Moon Stair; Resheph's annals further claim that Resheph drove them back to the Moon Stair. In From Entropy to Hierarchy, Q Girl mentions an artist, τª (possibly the same Tau encountered at Eyn Roj), who crafts "psionic crystal mazes" on the Moon Stair.