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A psychic biome is a biome, found only in the Moon Stair, which contain large numbers of psychal rhythm rocks.[1] Each psychic biome has an associated mental mutation, which will be granted to every creature in the zone, including creatures with mental shields. This does not remove the mental shields.[2]

Zone Names

The name of a psychic biome zone will be modified based on its associated mental mutation, according to the following table:[2]

Mutation Adjective/Epithet
Beguiling encomium
Burgeoning burgeoning
Clairvoyance panopticon
Confusion psychic maze
Cryokinesis frost meadow
Disintegration rapidly resonating
Domination theater of wills
Ego Projection psychically refractive
Force Bubble bubbly
Force Wall force bastion
Kindle kindling
Light Manipulation illuminated
Mass Mind mindmoot
Mental Mirror mirrorsteppe
Precognition future site
Psychometry retrocognate
Pyrokinesis flame meadow
Sense Psychic naked
Space-Time Vortex warped
Stunning Force telekinetic
Sunder Mind psychic graveyard
Syphon Vim slaughterfield
Telepathy telepathic
Teleportation spacetime karst
Teleport Other hermitage
Time Dilation time prism
Temporal Fugue spacetime hub


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