Pax Klanq, I Presume?

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Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.
This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.
This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.

Pax Klanq, I Presume?


Given By




Reputation gained




NPCs Involved

Pax Klanq, Q Girl, Barathrum the Old


[ Barathrum the Old ]

Unfortunately, no one knows Pax Klanq's whereabouts. Through contacts I made over the years, I inquired as to its location. The most I was able to garner were these enigmatic instructions:

"Seek the heart of the rainbow, eat the god's flesh, and follow the Coral Path."

Barathrum the Old asks the player to solve a riddle to find the mysterious Pax Klanq and ask him to build a climber for the Spindle at Omonporch.


Get Q Girl's Blueprints for the Climber

XP: 250

Seek the Heart of the Rainbow

XP: 1500

Eat the God's Flesh

XP: 1500

Follow the Coral Path

XP: 1500

Convince Pax Klanq to Construct the Climber

XP: 1500

Return to Grit Gate

XP: 4000



You walked the Coral Path and convinced Pax Klanq, mushroom prodigy, to fabricate a battery of Q Girl's design.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Attempting to travel on the world map through The Rainbow Wood will result in the player character becoming instantly lost. It is advisable to start from the edge of the woods and work inwards. Starting from the north or south end of the woods will result in less net distance to travel, since a zone is shorter on that axis.
  • The player may wish to bring a pickaxe, nanopneumatic jackhammer, phasing, teleportation, or some other way of quickly dealing with walls, as Klanq's laboratory is completely enclosed by mushroom flesh. A fungicide gas grenade will make quick work of the flesh, but will damage Klanq and turn him hostile if he wanders into the gas.
  • The rivers of primordial soup will spawn large numbers of soupy sludges if they come into contact with any liquid. This can be dangerous for characters who can't kill the sludges faster than they spawn or disperse the affected ooze.
  • Exercise caution once you have eaten the Eater's flesh, as soupy sludge will still attack and you will be suffering from -60 Quickness for the duration of the shimmering effect.
  • It is not necessary to complete Spread Klanq around Qud in 4 Ways of Your Choosing before continuing on to Tomb of the Eaters, but doing so will remove Klanq from the player character. So long as the character is infected with Klanq, they will occasionally puff a cloud of spores when damaged, potentially turning neutral characters hit by the cloud hostile.