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Figurines are a type of dynamically-generated trade goods that resemble a random creature from Caves of Qud, and grant reputation with the faction or factions associated with that creature when equipped in the hand. A figurine's name and description will vary depending on the creature it represents.


Example figurine arconaut.png

Reputation Bonus

The amount of reputation granted with that creature's faction(s) by an equipped figurine depends on the type of figurine.

Figurine type Reputation granted
copper figurine 60
silver figurine 100
gold figurine 200
agate figurine 100
topaz figurine 150
jasper figurine 200
amethyst figurine 250
sapphire figurine 300
emerald figurine 350
peridot figurine 350


Figurines can be found randomly in the world or purchased from merchants. Legendary gemcutters are on of the few reliable sources of figurines - they are guaranteed to sell several.

Legendary gemcutter figurines.png