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Trade Goods are a category of items grouped together in the player’s inventory.

Most of the commonly found trade goods are distinct from other items in that they have a fixed value which is independent of the player’s Ego bonus. In the trading interface, goods with a fixed price are displayed with a yellow dollar sign ($10.00), rather than a blue dollar sign ($10.00).

Fixed Price ($) Unfixed Price ($)
Copper nugget.pngcopper nugget (Commerce: 10.0)
Silver nugget.pngsilver nugget (Commerce: 50.0)
Bronze ingot.pngbronze ingot (Commerce: 100.0)
Rough agate gemstone.pngrough agate gemstone (Commerce: 100.0)
Smooth agate gemstone.pngsmooth agate gemstone (Commerce: 120.0)
Rough topaz gemstone.pngrough topaz gemstone (Commerce: 150.0)
Smooth topaz gemstone.pngsmooth topaz gemstone (Commerce: 180.0)
Gold nugget.pnggold nugget (Commerce: 200.0)
Rough jasper gemstone.pngrough jasper gemstone (Commerce: 200.0)
Smooth jasper gemstone.pngsmooth jasper gemstone (Commerce: 240.0)
Rough amethyst gemstone.pngrough amethyst gemstone (Commerce: 250.0)
Rough sapphire gemstone.pngrough sapphire gemstone (Commerce: 300.0)
Smooth amethyst gemstone.pngsmooth amethyst gemstone (Commerce: 300.0)
Rough emerald gemstone.pngrough emerald gemstone (Commerce: 350.0)
Rough peridot gemstone.pngrough peridot gemstone (Commerce: 350.0)
Smooth sapphire gemstone.pngsmooth sapphire gemstone (Commerce: 360.0)
Smooth emerald gemstone.pngsmooth emerald gemstone (Commerce: 420.0)
Smooth peridot gemstone.pngsmooth peridot gemstone (Commerce: 420.0)
Grave goods.pnggrave goods (Commerce: 10.0)
Box of crayons.pngbox of crayons (Commerce: 15.0)
Neckring.pngneck-ring (Commerce: 20.0)
Silver rondure.pngsilver rondure (Commerce: 50.0)
Beaded bracelet.pngbeaded bracelet (Commerce: 80.0)
Albino ape pelt.pngalbino ape pelt (Commerce: 100.0)
Polyhedral rings.pngpolyhedral rings (Commerce: 150.0)
Ogre ape pelt.pngogre ape pelt (Commerce: 300.0)
Copper creature figurine.pngcopper figurine (Commerce: 60.0)
Agate creature figurine.pngagate figurine (Commerce: 100.0)
Silver creature figurine.pngsilver figurine (Commerce: 100.0)
Topaz creature figurine.pngtopaz figurine (Commerce: 150.0)
Gold creature figurine.pnggold figurine (Commerce: 200.0)
Jasper creature figurine.pngjasper figurine (Commerce: 200.0)
Amethyst creature figurine.pngamethyst figurine (Commerce: 250.0)
Sapphire creature figurine.pngsapphire figurine (Commerce: 300.0)
Emerald creature figurine.pngemerald figurine (Commerce: 350.0)
Peridot creature figurine.pngperidot figurine (Commerce: 350.0)

Generally, trade goods also have a high value-to-weight ratio. All fixed-price trade goods weigh 1# except the Bronze ingot.pngbronze ingot, which weighs 5#.