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675 XP

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Limbs* (Ooze): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations

Humors are the eroded bits of the earth: dust flaked off a million-year-old wall of shale, runoff brine dripped through a hairline crack of chrome, dew clung to the lips of a pipe after it's belched its septic vapor. Under the right conditions, at time scales inscrutable to kith and kin, the bits are heaped together by the geometry of entropy and remorphed into the prime material anew.


A panhumor is a creature belonging to the oozes faction. It has no natural spawning location and can only be spawned in dynamic encounters.

The panhumor, as its namesake implies, combines the 4 forms of Humor.pnghumors and Gyrohumor.pnggyrohumors into a single form, having the properties and abilities of all 4 at once.[1]

Being oozes, panhumors are immune to abilities and effects that target the mind of a creature, such as Sunder Mind.[2] Additionally, panhumors cannot slip on slippery liquids such as Slime.pngslime, or become stuck in sticky liquids such as Asphalt.pngasphalt. Finally, panhumors bleed slime instead of Blood.pngblood, and cannot be knocked prone.[3]


Panhumors attack in melee with their \giant pseudopods, of which they possess 4. Each individual pseudopod is a cudgel weapon with a to-hit bonus of +4 and a penetration value of 8. Each pseudopod has a base damage value of ♥0, but will deal ♥1d8+1213-20 (Avg: 16.5) elemental damage,[4] with each pseudopod dealing a different kind of elemental damage. Pseudopods may also have additional effects depending on their associated element. The name of each pseudopod will be changed to reflect these elemental properties.[5]

Pseudopod Element Additional Effect
flaming pseudopod Fire Heats target by 1d20+5051-70 (Avg: 60.5)° T on hit, up to a maximum of 400° T
hoary pseudopod Cold Cools target by -1d20-20-40--21 (Avg: -30.5)° T on hit
acidic pseudopod Acid N/A
sparking pseudopod Shock Releases an electric disharge on hit that deals ♥1d61-6 (Avg: 3.5) electric damage and can arc to adjacent creatures

Panhumors will always have the sparking pseudopod equipped on their primary limb.

On Death

When a panhumor dies, it will explode. This explosion will have several elemental properties:[6]

  • Heats adjacent creatures by 1000° T
  • Cools adjacent creatures by -1000° T
  • Spawns several pools of Acid.pngacid randomly in adjacent tiles, with each tile (including the one the panhumor was occupying) having a 75% chance of being filled with a 10d1010-100 (Avg: 55) dram pool
  • Releases electric discharges into random adjacent tiles, with each dealing ♥1d201-20 (Avg: 10.5) electric damage and having the potential to arc to adjacent creatures

Acid Trail

When a panhumor enters a tile, it will create a pool of acid with a volume of 10d1010-100 (Avg: 55) drams in that tile.[6] This will occur even if there is already acid or another liquid present in that tile.


Panhumors naturally have 100 heat resistance, cold resistance, acid resistance, and electric resistance.[4] This means they are completely immune to these damage types, as well as being immune to forced changes in temperature.

Additionally, panhumors have a +5 bonus to their movement speed.[1]


This information is reliable as of patch
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