Gelatinous frustum

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gelatinous frustum
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Gelatinous Frustum


oozes (Loved100 Reputation)





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450 XP

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Limbs* (Ooze): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
gelatinous frustum

Organic matter is liquefied by the agents of decay and pressurized by tight spaces into the shapes of prismatoids. Galvanized by a cousin-instinct to hunger, the gelatin entity now extrudes itself forward in frustum form.


A gelatinous frustum is a tier 5 creature belonging to the oozes faction. It is typically found underground.

Gelatinous frustums attack by moving close to their target and engulfing them when the frustum is within an adjacent tile. While engulfing a target, a frustum will inhabit the same tile as the creature it is engulfing, and will begin to wander around in random directions. While wandering, engulfed creatures will move along with the frustum.[1] Engulfed creatures will suffer ♥3-7 damage every round[2][3] and will be unable to move of their own accord; attempting to move will instead cause the creature to perform a melee attack against the frustum. Additionally, the creature will be unable to perform certain physical actions, such as Charge, Juke, and Jump.[4] Creatures who are being engulfed by a gelatinous frustum cannot be attacked by other creatures, and any attempting to do so will instead target the gelatinous frustum.

A gelatinous frustum will continue to engulf its target until either it or its victim dies. However, the victim can escape being engulfed prematurely through means such as Teleportation or becoming out-of-phase.


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