N-pointed asterisk

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n-pointed asterisk
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n-Pointed Asterisk

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n-pointed asterisk

A cross-section of trash reef has been whittled to the shape of a star. Chiliads of life-things, rocks, and ersatz matter ribbon its arms: a mosaic of polyps, a bouquet of kelp, burned glass, minted chrome, nebula shell, iris milk, and stray photonic fuzz peeled from a decaying hologram.

This item doesn't need to be equipped for its effects to be active.


An n-pointed asterisk (where n is replaced by an ordinal number between three and ten) is a unique relic created by Thah.pngThah for completing the questline Landing Pads and Return to the Hydropon, and has effects dependent on the outcome of the first of those quests. The asterisk confers its effects by being in the player's inventory and does not require an equipment slot.

The asterisk's power and the nature of its effect are based on the number of settlements who agreed to host the slynth and the settlement the slynth chose, respectively. The slynth will choose a settlement randomly from among those settlements the player secured as potential settlement locations. More powerful asterisks have more points: for example, a four-pointed asterisk is less effective than the maximal, ten-pointed asterisk. The number of points on the asterisk is equal to the total number of settlements who agreed to host the slynth, up to a maximum value of 10. There are also four unique sprites for the asterisk depending on the number of points that it has.[1]

Possible Effects

Slynth Resettlement Location Asterisk Effect Scaling Notes
Ovw joppa.pngJoppa Gives a chance for consumed liquids (be they Water.pngwater or Brain brine.pngbrain brine) to grant their effects twice. The chance is equal to 4 + (2 * Points).[2]
Ovw grit gate.pngGrit Gate Gives a chance to recover two of a non-tinkered item's most valuable bit when disassembling. The chance is equal to 2 * Points.[3][4]
Ovw six day stilt.pngThe Six Day Stilt (Sheba Hagadias) Allows you to Proselytize one additional follower. If the asterisk has 7 or more points, also allows you to Beguile one additional follower.[5]
Ovw kyakukya.pngKyakukya Makes fungal infections grant additional AV and resistance to all elements. AV bonus is equal to Points / 3, rounded down. Resistance to elements is equal to Floor(Points / 3) * 4.[6]
Ovw bey lah.pngBey Lah Increased quickness for each negative effect on the holder. The increase per effect is equal to 5 + (2 * Points).[7]
Ezra World Map Icon.pngEzra Gives a bonus to reputation with all factions that existed during the time of the sultanate. The reputation bonus is equal to 10 + (10 * Points).[8]
Tomb of the Eaters.pngTomb of the Eaters (Mopango) Detects unidentified artifacts within a radius. A ten-pointed asterisk identifies artifacts on the entire screen (radius 80). Otherwise, the radius for identification equals 2 * (Points - 1) + 1[9]
Yd freehold.pngYd Freehold Reduces the reputation cost for recruiting allies by water ritual. The reduction is equal to 17 + (3 * Points).[10]
Lulihart.pngLulihart, hindren pariah (Pariahs) Chance for hostile creatures to wander away disinterestedly when they first notice you. The chance is equal to the number of points on the asterisk out of 100. This effect does not work on esper hunters or evil twins.[11]
Any other procedurally-generated village A random effect chosen from the effects above. Each effect has a one-in-nine chance of being chosen (~11%).


This information is reliable as of patch
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