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grav chair
Grav chair.png

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Light Radius?This object acts as
a light source






Chair Level?Chair level affects the power
of the sitting effect


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(subject to additional logic & rules)

general, electronics

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Extra info:
grav chair

Plastic smoothed on a heat lathe was kneaded into a design that evokes an Eater's intuition for how a perfect ball warps spacetime around itself.


The grav chair is a rather interesting chair. In addition to conferring the usual sitting bonuses, the grav chair:[1]

  • Acts as a light source that gives off light in a radius of 4.
  • Has a capacitor that can hold a small charge (5 energy).
  • Has a zero-point energy collector that recharges 5 energy per turn.

Zero-Point Energy Collector

This section is an excerpt from Power#Zero Point Energy Collector.

The Zero Point Energy Collector (ZPEC) is a reality distorting, infinite electrical power source that charges depending on the current world that the object resides in. As long as the item is in "JoppaWorld", which is the starting world that the player starts in, the ZPEC will generate a constant amount of charge each turn, which varies depending on the object. Currently, only the Ceremonial vibrokhopesh.pngceremonial vibrokhopesh and the Grav chair.pnggrav chair use the ZPEC.

How the ZPEC exactly works is unknown, but as the process is reality distorting it cannot work under the effects of normality. This means that being in a normality field or Normality gas.pngnormality gas will cause the item to stop charging.


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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch
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