Precinct navigator

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precinct navigator
Charge per Use

1 Fidget cell: 2500 usesSolar cell: 2500 usesLead-acid cell: 4000 usesCombustion cell: 6000 usesChem cell: 10000 usesThermoelectric cell: 40000 usesBiodynamic cell: 60000 usesNuclear cell: 100000 usesAntimatter cell: 200000 usesMecha power core: 500000 uses

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Tinker II

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general, electronics



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Precinct Navigator

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Extra Info:
precinct navigator

Gridlines and a red dot are painted on the glass lune, and simple rectangles depict the once-ordered streets of chromium that've since burst like gnarled roots through space and time.


The precinct navigator is a powered bracelet that aids in overworld navigation in ruins. It can be built with <B24> bits and a randomized bit (either <A>, <B>, <C>, or <D>).

When the precinct navigator is equipped and finishes booting up:

  • The chance to get lost in ruins is reduced by 50%
  • The chance to find interesting encounters while traveling through ruins on the overworld is increased by 100%
  • The chance of finding ruins in other terrain is increased by 100%
  • Compute power will increase the chance of finding ruins or interesting encounters by a further 15% per 10 compute power
  • Compute power will also reduce the chance to get lost by a further 7.5% per 10 compute power

The lost bonus will stack with compass bracelets or navigation systems, but not with multiple precinct navigators.