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Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers regarding the Tomb of the Eaters. Proceed at your own discretion.
repulsive device
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Repulsive Device

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repulsive device

Though it is approximately the size and heft of a human infant, this shiny black device's shape is more akin to a fetus torn early from the womb. Its surface is slick and warm, with a pale pulse breathing somewhere underneath its pitch-black skin. At the end of its tail is an orifice studded with hooked teeth, eternally questing for an anchor point that it never finds.


The repulsive device is a unique item that is integral to the Fraying Favorites quest.

The repulsive device can only be found within the Folk Catacombs level of the Tomb of the Eaters, held by k-Goninon. k-Goninon must either be killed or traded with to obtain the device.

The repulsive device does nothing on its own; its only intended function is to be given to either Nacham, Va'am, Dagasha, or Kah. This will result in the player being given Nacham's ribbon, Va'am's lens, Dagasha's spur, or Kah's loop, respectively.

The repulsive device is notable for being one of the few items unable to be replicated using metamorphic polygel.[1][2] It will, however, be duplicated in the inventory of cryogenic clones of the player found randomly underground, as long as it's in the player's inventory when the clone is generated.


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