Kah's loop

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Kah's loop
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Kah's Loop

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Extra Info:
Kah's loop

Undulating about the bend in a limb, this bundled circle of glistening cable would make any wearer feel bound to motion. The legs long to run, and run they shall until they tire.

Wearer may take any action while sprinting at no additional penalty.


When equipped, Kah's loop spends 100 turns booting up. Once it is complete, the wearer is granted an enhanced sprint:

  • Actions that normally would be penalized in accuracy while sprinting (namely, firing a missile weapon) will no longer as long as this is booted up.
  • Many actions that normally cancel sprinting, such as attacking or using physical mutations, do not cancel sprinting while this item is booted up.

Recall Story

[ Kah Remembers ]

Once I could proudly say I spanned the world.

How did I allow the joy of motion to be stripped from me like that? Why didn’t anyone stop it? Could they have done? Could I?

I could move mountains. I could move nations. I did move both. I had no reason to escape my own, as we worked so well together. Through that bond, the forced run began.

For so long I ran for nothing. So much wasted time, energy, opportunity. Everything could have been so much more, had I retained my purpose.

I knew what motion meant back then. I must relearn this and run with purpose again. Come with me.