Va'am's lens

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Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.
Va'am's lens
Vaams lens.png
Charge per Use

550 Solar cell: 4 usesFidget cell: 4 usesLead-acid cell: 7 usesCombustion cell: 10 usesChem cell: 18 usesThermoelectric cell: 72 usesBiodynamic cell: 109 usesNuclear cell: 181 usesAntimatter cell: 363 usesMecha power core: 909 uses

Charge Used For

Gas Dispersion [50], Cooldown Reduction [500]



Skill Used




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Vaam's Lens

Worn On


Extra Info:
Va'am's lens

The transparent cross over the center of this large convex circle is as sturdy as the rest, hard as crysteel but lighter than carbide. Even the humblest motes of airborne dust divert their path to avoid its pristine surface.

Shields only grant their AV when you successfully block an attack.
Repels gases near its user.


Va'am's lens is a unique item that can be gotten by choosing to free Va'am in the quest Fraying Favorites. When powered and its 100 turn boot sequence is complete, it repels all gasses within a 1 tile radius, and reduces the cooldowns of Shield Slam and Shield Wall by 50%. The gas repulsion function uses 50 charge in any turn where it takes effect and the cooldown reduction function uses 500 charge when you use Shield Slam or Shield Wall. It can be powered by an energy cell or by a creature with Electrical Generation or a biodynamic power plant.

Recall Story

[ Va'am Remembers ]

I remember. Once.

Watching over the firmament.

Standing. Between oblivion and wild growth. Guiding and guarding. The liminal spaces.

It may never have been so simple. But I bore weight more easily.

Once. Before my kin. Stole the firmament from me.

I was greater then. Perhaps I will be greater again.

With help. Someday.


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