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Rebuke Robot is an ability possessed by all True Kin player characters, as well as humanoids such as Putus Templar, that allow them to either turn robots non-hostile or recruit them as companions. Like other recruitment skills, Rebuke Robot can only have one companion recruited with it at a time. If a new robot is rebuked, the leader must let go of the previous companion.

To rebuke, the creature must not be frozen or have a missing tongue from glotrot. If they do not, they can pick an adjacent cell to select a target to rebuke. The target must also have a Brain part, which is different than having a mind for sundering/domination purposes.


The success calculation is done the same way damage penetration is calculated in melee combat (for full calculation method, see Penetration (PV)#Penetration_Formula). However, PV is replaced with Rebuke Strength and the AV is replaced with the target's Rebuke Defense. Rebuke Defense and Rebuke Strength are calculated as follows:

The rebuke's status bonus depends on two things:

If the rebuker has communications interlocks installed, they will have a +5 bonus to their level for each installed communications interlock.


Unlike Proselytize and Beguiling, there are intermediate results in between recruiting or failing to recruit. Like Proselytize, failing does not provoke hostility.

Number of Penetrations Message Result
0 Your argument does not compute. Nothing happens.
1 (target) wander(s) away disinterestedly. The target becomes neutral (even if they were hostile), their AI forgets their current target, and wanders around aimlessly.
≥3 You rebuke [the] (target) into submission. The robot is successfully recruited. If the player character already has a rebuked robot, they will be prompted whether they would like to release the prior robot.


  • In code, Rebuke Robot is an unlisted, unlearnable skill under the Persuasion skill tree.


This information is reliable as of patch
  • Unless listed as such, all information comes from XRL.World.Parts.Skill.Persuasion_RebukeRobot.