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The boartooth beads on this ancient charm have been worn down by the years, but the flexible cable that holds them together is as strong as the day it was made. Dangling from the bracelet is a figurine of a deer crafted in exquisite detail from a mysterious substance that's smooth as glass but hard as steel.


Kindrish is the hidden ancestral bracelet of the hindren of Bey Lah. It will boost the lowest of 6 attributes (Strength, Agility, Toughness, Intelligence, Willpower, and Ego) by +3. In situations where multiple stats are lowest, the stat chosen will be the left most one in the order mentioned.[1][2]

Its disappearance kickstarts the Bey Lah sidequest, starting with Petals on the Wind. Although the quest conclusion involves finding the thief, the wherabouts of Kindrish will remain unknown. However, if Kindrish is found, it may be turned in for a reward of +400 Hindren of Bey Lah reputation and a force bracelet.[1]

The only faction that knows of its whereabouts are Trolls. It will spawn in a random world map location with a surface static zone tier between 4 and 6, in the center zone of the parasangAn area made of 3x3 screens, which is represented as one tile on the overworld map., and located 0 to 9 floors underground.[3] It will be located inside a normal colored chest if one generates in the area; otherwise, it will generate either in a creature's inventory or on the ground.[4]


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