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force bracelet
Charge per Use

500 Solar cell: 5 usesFidget cell: 5 usesLead-acid cell: 8 usesCombustion cell: 12 usesChem cell: 20 usesThermoelectric cell: 80 usesBiodynamic cell: 120 usesNuclear cell: 200 usesAntimatter cell: 400 usesMecha power core: 1000 uses

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Force Bracelet

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Extra Info:
force bracelet

A wrist-mounted force-field emitter.

A True Kin Consul wearing an activated force bracelet.

A force bracelet is a wrist-worn artifact which, when worn, powered, and activated, creates a 3x3 ring of forcefield around the creature wearing the force bracelet.[1] While activated, the force bracelet drains 500 charge per turn from the energy cell installed in it, which will quickly drain most energy cells.

Upon activation, the game displays the following message:

A force bubble pops into being around you!

The generated force bubble moves in tandem with the wearer. Similarly to the Force Bubble mutation, the wearer can fire missile weapons or other projectiles (such as Lase beams) outward through their own force bubble. The bubble disappears when the creature or player wearing the force bracelet chooses to deactivate the bracelet or the energy cell powering the bracelet runs out of charge. The bubble can also be damaged by direct attacks or other forms of damage, such as gases. This can cause one or more segments of the generated force bubble to be destroyed. Deactivating and re-activating the force bracelet will restore the entire forcefield to full strength.

When the force bracelet is deactivated or loses power, the game displays the following message:

The force bubble snaps off.

Disruption to Pathfinding

While activated, the generated force bubble acts as a wall for enemy AI pathfinding purposes. This means that many enemies (particularly those which normally approach to attack in melee range) will no longer pursue the wearer of a force bracelet, even if the wearer attacks those enemies from range. Additionally, since the game considers the wearer to be completely encased in walls and unreachable by enemies, it is possible to use a recoiler while the force bubble is active, even if nearby hostiles would otherwise normally prevent using the recoiler.

Push Effect

The forcefield generated by a force bracelet pushes creatures and some lightweight obstacles away as the wearer approaches them. Obstacles that can be pushed include very weak walls, such as plant matter, large boulders, and some furniture. The forcefield also forces unlocked doors that it comes in contact with to open.

Creatures and objects that can be pushed will be pushed unless there is no more room to push them, typically when they become pinned against a more solid wall, in which case the creature or object will enter the same tile as the forcefield. Creatures in this scenario are capable of attacking the wearer at melee range.


When overloaded, force bracelets gain increased pushing ability: the maximum weight they can push increases from 7500lbs to 8500lbs, and their maximum pushing difference increases from 4 tiles to 6 tiles. Overloading also provides a +2 bonus to initially overpower normality, although the generated force field will be eroded as usual after activation.


A force bracelet can be:


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • If you have a biodynamic power plant or Electrical Generation, modding a force bracelet to be jacked can be an effective way to keep it permanently powered.
  • When combined with a recoiler, can be a fantastic escape mechanism, even if you only have enough cell energy to power the forcefield for a turn or two.
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