Still crystal chime

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still crystal chime
Still crystal chime.png

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1 Ego

Extra Info:
still crystal chime

Sharp points are run through with bright and brilliant amethyst and sapphire. The colors remain but smolder to heather in their dying light. The chime is grave-still.

+1 Ego
Grants you Telepathy.

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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

The still crystal chime is a quest item and piece of body armor found at the top of Chavvah that must be delivered to Tau during the quest If, Then, Else. It has equal ♦AV, ○DV and weight to flawless crysteel shardmail, and provides Telepathy as well as a unique ability Quicken Mind which resets all abilities' cooldowns, and has a cooldown of 100 turns affected by willpower. When it's been delivered, Tau gives you the crystalline halo which has a weaker version of Quicken Mind. It is currently the only item in the game with the property GameUnique which prevents it from being duplicated, even via Cryotube clones.[1]

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