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Extra info:Ereshkigal is not modeled or generated the way standard NPCs are in-game.

[ Aloysius ]

Ereshkigal is the mainframe computer of Grit Gate. She keeps watch through the thin world, as she would put it, while we maintain her presence in the thick world.

I feel as though she and I understand one another.

[ Hortensa ]

She's a sphinx! So enigmatic that one. It's not entirely clear if she was there, waiting, when Q Girl succeeded at retreading the mainframe's guts, or if she sparked into being that very moment. Or was it some synthesis of the two?

Ereshkigal is a mainframe computer found at Grit Gate. She plays an important part in the Grave Thoughts quest in the game's main questline.

Ereshkigal is composed of the following mainframe components:

Interacting with any of these components via the "use" command will allow the player to communicate with her. Her mainframe components do not respond to the "talk" command.

Ereshkigal is powered by: fusion power stations and high-voltage power line.

Ereshkigal is connected to a nearby communications panel, and is connected to many other objects in the Grit Gate compound through wired fulcrete.


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