Iopinax the Younger

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Iopinax the Younger
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Beasts (Loved100 Reputation)





Light Radius?This object acts as
a light source


Corpse Dropped

goat corpse (10%)

Experience?The XP granted when killed. Click
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a level-based breakdown.

100 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • Refracts light-based attacks
  • This creature is pettable
  • Weighs 200 lbs

Limbs* (Quadruped): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
Iopinax the Younger

Under a coat of curly fur, dappled skin dents -- dodecagons -- catch the filtered brightness of the wide world and thrash it back against itself twelve times, and then breathe out a soft glow. It lights the beards of the three thin necks, each craning a head to inspect the others and acting as a lever for its set of hooking horns. The god-goat is mute and severe.


Iopinax the Younger, descendant of the legendary three-headed goat Iopinax of Athenreach, has crossed the Sunderlies and Moghra'yi to potentially grace a new adventurer with his companionship.

With an impressive 17 AV, high elemental resistances, and the ability to refract all light-based attacks, Iopinax the Younger is a goat to be reckoned with. It is only the Younger's lack of MA that prevents him from being the ultimate conclusion to the belief that every new Esper should find a goat for a companion. Each \rock-scarred hoof benefits from his Multiweapon Fighting and Charging Strike (Cudgel) skills, used in tandem with the natural shield of his \curved horns. He's also a light source with a radius of 3.

His light-refracting hide and elemental resistances allow him to retain viability far into the game, when lasers and elemental damage are frequently encountered threats. The biggest threats to Iopinax the Younger are explosions and Mental damage.

While Iopinax is depicted and described as being three-headed, he lacks these features in his anatomy and mutations.

Recall Story

[ Iopinax the Younger ]

Excerpt from Across Moghra'yi, Vol. II: Athenreach by the Baccata Yewtarch

The Eustace-Suttan monastery at Athenreach is one of the largest communities of disciples of the Eustace-Sutta outside of the Hanging Hills. It was founded in 114PP by the pilgrim-monk Umay, who blessed the location as sacred because it lay along the path of the prophet Uuchal's pilgrimage toward Iber.

The monastery houses two hallowed artifacts of the Eustace-Sutta discipline: the Scrolls of One Priam, discovered and transcribed by the monastery's erstwhile abbot Flavian the Learned, and the presumptive hide of Iopinax, the great three-headed mountain goat on which Uuchal's is said to have ridden to the waterfall at Iber and whose hide was so tough that it was said to later protect Uuchal from starfire along the Black Stair after the goat's death.

*scribbled in the margin* ..mumbles of an Iopinax sighting on the Bowl of Iris. Perhaps a descendant of the famed goat?? Damn those Inscrutable Mouths!


[ Iopinax the Younger ]










1) Live and drink. [End]

Pet Response

Iopinax the Younger bleats a cascade of soft tones.

Iopinax the Younger baaas a soft meadow's breeze of sound.

Iopinax the Younger bleats a joyful noise unto the world.

Iopinax the Younger baaas soothingly.