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Refraction is a quality that completely negates light-based attacks by re-directing them away from the creature. In some cases, refraction will re-direct the attack back in the general direction of the attacker, with a random degree of angular variance. In other cases the light-based attack is re-directed in a completely random direction. Refraction is different than reflection.

Some creatures have an intrinsic quality of refraction. Other creatures can gain refraction by wearing equipment that grants the quality. The refractive mod can add refraction to worn equipment or shields that do not already have the quality.

Creatures That Refract Light-Based Attacks

Creature Chance to Refract Refract Angle
Crypt sitter.pngcrypt sitter 75% random
Tetraxenonoglass wall.pngtetraxenonoglass wall
Iopinax the younger.pngIopinax the Younger 100% random
Mirror bug.pngmirror bug 100% random
Quartziferous mirror.pngquartziferous mirror 100% random

Equipment That Grants Refraction

Item Chance to Refract Refract Angle
Kaleidocera cape.pngkaleidocera cape 2% -180° to 180°
Kaleidocera krakows.pngkaleidocera krakows 2% -180° to 180°
Kaleidocera muffs.pngkaleidocera muffs 2% -180° to 180°
Mirrorshades.pngmirrorshades 1% -60° to 60°
Rainboweave cloak.pngrainboweave cloak 50% -120° to 120°
Skin glitter.pngskin glitter 8% random
Skin glitter (high-tier).pngskin glitter 16% random

Other Sources of Refraction