Kaleidocera cape

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kaleidocera cape
Kaleidocera cape.png


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cloak, general



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Kaleidocera Cape

Butchered from

kaleidoslug corpse (33.3%)

Worn On


Spawns in



1 Ego


20 Acid

20 Electrical

20 Cold

20 Heat

Extra Info:
kaleidocera cape

Cerata pendulate on the cape like prism grass of a windy meadow. They mirror rich hues in cerulean, ruby, star orchid, and void; together they shine to resplendent effect.

+20 Heat Resistance
+20 Cold Resistance
+20 Electrical Resistance
+20 Acid Resistance
+1 Ego
Has a 2% chance to refract light-based attacks, sending them back the way they came, plus or minus up to 180 degrees.


A kaleidocera cape is one part of a broader set of kaleidocera equipment. It is notable for having the highest resistances of any back equipment available in Caves of Qud.

Rokhas will always have a kaleidocera cape equipped.

Kaleidocera Equipment

This section is an excerpt from Kaleidocera krakows#Kaleidocera Equipment.

Kaleidocera equipment, including the kaleidocera cape, kaleidocera muffs, and kaleidocera krakows, have some of the highest all-around resistance values of any equipment in the game. Each piece of equipment also grants a bonus to Ego and a small chance to refract light-based attacks.

Kaleidocera equipment can be obtained by butchering the corpse of a kaleidoslug. However, the kaleidoslug has only a 6% chance of dropping a corpse when it is killed. Once a corpse is obtained, butchering the corpse guarantees one piece of kaleidocera equipment, but the specific piece of equipment obtained is random - each has a 1-in-3 chance of being butchered from the corpse.