Issachari banner

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Issachari banner
Issachari banner.png


Reputation Bonus

Issachari tribe: 200

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cloak, general



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Issachari Banner

Worn On


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Issachari banner

A salt-spangled crimson banner of the Issachari nomad people.

+200 reputation with Issachari tribe


An Issachari banner is a type of equipment worn on the back.

While, like most back armor, it provides little physical protection, an Issachari banner does give 200 bonus reputation with the Issachari tribe.


Sometimes when speaking to a member of the Issachari tribe, they will say the following:

Be respectful of the red-and-white and we will get along.

Red and white are the colors of Issachari banners and Issachari sun veils.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • The 200 reputation bonus alone is not enough to make the Issachari neutral to the player (it only brings the player to a reputation of -275, 26 short of neutral), but the Issachari banner's bonus is enough if used in conjunction with the reputation bonus from an Issachari sun veil, or if the player has gained 26 or more reputation with the Tribe in some other manner, such as killing a disliked legendary.