Quartzfur cloak

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quartzfur cloak
Quartzfur cloak.png

6 (5+1)

Reputation Bonus

baboons: -100

Mods?Mods this item can support
(subject to additional logic & rules)

cloak, general



ID?Use this ID to Wish for the item

Quartzfur Cloak

Butchered from

quartz baboon corpse (33.3%)

Worn On


Spawns in



6 Acid

6 Electrical

6 Cold

6 Heat

Extra Info:
  • Reflects 5% of damage, rounded up
quartzfur cloak

Prism-studded skin was shorn from a dead monkey and sawed into a cloak.

-100 reputation with baboons
+6 Heat Resistance
+6 Cold Resistance
+6 Electrical Resistance
+6 Acid Resistance
Reflects 5% damage back at your attackers, rounded up.


The quartzfur cloak is a mid-tier cloak that improves your ♦AV, in addition to providing damage reflection and a decent bonus to elemental resistances. Because its reflection property is internally considered a mod, it can only have two other mods in total.


This section is an excerpt from Reflect#Tips.
This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Having a source of damage reflection will prevent ongoing damage from enemy Sunder Mind.
  • Since reflection triggers every time you're damaged, it allows replacing the "Whenever you take damage..." cooking trigger condition with the "Whenever you reflect damage..." one, which has a much higher trigger percentage.