Null Face

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Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers regarding the Tomb of the Eaters. Proceed at your own discretion.
Null Face
Null face.png


Reputation Bonus

All Factions: 70



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The Nil Face

Worn On


Extra Info:
Null Face

A bowed lune is cracked from where it was smashed off the gallium lathe. The shedim had no eyes left to color the dim and final Face, and it lay too long discarded in a pool of warm static. The sultanate is broken.

+70 reputation with every faction


Null Face is a sultan relic located within the Tomb of the Eaters.

The Null Face can be found in a reliquary located within the unfinished tomb. Unlike the other sultan masks, this reliquary will be unguarded and can be taken from freely; however, doing so will cause the sarcophagi and reliquaries of the other sultans to disappear, preventing the player from accessing the latter's contents.

Unlike the other sultan masks, the Null Face has completely static effects. It will not be granted additional faction reputation bonuses (besides that listed above) or relic-based effects like the other masks. However, unlike the other masks, the Null Face can be modded with Tinkering, and can also sometimes generate with random tinkering mods on it.[1]


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