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Artifact examination, or artifact inspection, is an Intelligence-based task by which you identify unknown artifacts, at a risk of breaking them.

Each artifact has a difficulty, which is a penalty applied to your effective rating for the examination task, and a complexity, which represents the degree of success at the examination task you must achieve in order to fully identify the item.

Your performance at artifact examination is based on a specialized success roll, using an effective rating consisting of your Intelligence attribute plus any applicable modifiers.

Typically, artifacts with a complexity higher than 0 will be unknown and unusable until you identify them.

Items will also be visually concealed with an alternate sprite until they are identified.[1] Items include anything that inherits the base "Item" object, including weapons, equipment, grenades, and other similar "loot" that the player often carries around. Items do not include most furniture and other fixtures, such as the fusion power station - these objects retain their normal sprite even if not yet identified.

Examination rating modifiers

The examination roll

The following rules are observed by the final examination roll, after all modifiers are applied.[5]

  • The minimum possible effective rating is -5
  • The maximum possible effective rating is 35
  • A number of successes from 0 to 10 is produced
  • There is always at least a 1 in 100 chance of 0 successes
  • Any other number of successes is generally possible, with the chance of a given number varying according to your rating
  • The general behavior of the roll resembles that of the Action Table used by Gamma World 3rd Edition and the Marvel Super Heroes RPG

Possible results

  • If you rolled 0 successes, the Broken effect will be applied to the item. (It will fail to apply if the item is Sturdy.)
  • If you rolled 10 successes, the item will be identified regardless of its complexity.
  • If you rolled at least as many successes as the item's complexity, it will be identified.
  • If you rolled fewer successes than the item's complexity, it will be partially identified, and the name you see for it will usually change (for example, becoming a rifle rather than a strange artifact). In the case of examining modded artifacts, this may also result in having other variants of the item of lesser complexity fully identified.
  • If you are Confused, you will always think you broke the item, and it will never be identified, partially or completely. You will only actually break the item if you rolled 0 successes.

Artifacts by Unidentified Appearance

For a list of unidentified artifacts, including their tiles and unidentified names, refer to the Unidentified artifacts page.

Artifacts by complexity

Below is a list of the top 75 artifacts ordered by complexity. To see the full list, visit the Artifacts by complexity page.



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