Precision nanon fingers

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precision nanon fingers
Charge per Use

50 Solar cell: 50 usesFidget cell: 50 usesLead-acid cell: 80 usesCombustion cell: 120 usesChem cell: 200 usesThermoelectric cell: 800 usesBiodynamic cell: 1200 usesNuclear cell: 2000 usesAntimatter cell: 4000 usesMecha power core: 10000 uses

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Tinker III

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Precision Nanon Fingers

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Extra Info:
precision nanon fingers

Fullerene finger extensors splay like fashionable court nails. Their girths are shrunk or unshrunk to task requirements by minuscule servos embedded in the webbing.

Your weapons' percentage-based effects are 3X as likely to occur, including the base chance for critical hits.


A pair of precision nanon fingers increase the base chance for critical hits from 5% to 15%, and triple the chances of other weapon effects such as dismemberment from serrated and nanon mods. These modification apply to both melee and missile weapons and will affect percentages displayed when looking at equipped weapons. They activate whenever the wearer makes a melee or ranged attack against any creature or object (including inanimate walls).


Technically, each pair of precision nanon fingers increase the overall chance of an effect occuring by 200% of the effect's base chance.[1] If the precision nanon fingers are overloaded, they instead increase the overall chance by 260% of the effect's base chance.[2][1] For example, if you have a glazed relic weapon with a 10% chance to dismember, using precision nanon fingers would increase that chance to 30%. Using overloaded precision nanon fingers would increase the chance to 36%.


Wearing multiple pairs of precision nanon fingers is possible with Multiple Arms, helping hands or by using the magnetized mod. When multiple are worn, the precision nanon fingers' effects stack additively, with each pair adding twice the base chance for weapon effects: two pairs yields an overall multiplier of five, for example.

Relevant Effects

The following effects' chances can be modified by precision nanon fingers:[3]

There are some additional effects not listed here that would be affected by precision nanon fingers, but already always trigger 100% of the time (such as elemental damage).


This information is reliable as of patch
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