Penetrating radar

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penetrating radar
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Extra Info:
[Implant] - penetrating radar

Picophase transceiver arrays assemble an exquisitely detailed model of one's surroundings.

You gain total visibility in a radius of 10 spaces around you, blocked only by force fields and spacetime anomalies. This ability can be toggled on and off.

Target body parts: Body, Back, Head, Face, Arm
License points: 6
Only compatible with True Kin genotypes
Compute power on the local lattice increases this item's range.

Penetrating radar in use.

Penetrating radar grants a 10 tile radius of "vision" centered on the player that provides nearly flawless sensory detection. The effect is similar to Clairvoyance mutation.pngClairvoyance but has some unique attributes, such as the ability to sense hidden objects underneath occluding objects like walls and boulders.[1] The radius of the field can be further increased based on available compute power; every 10 units of compute power increases radius by one square.

Areas that are revealed only by radar are tinted cyan, making it difficult to see the colors of liquids or monsters. Areas illuminated by both radar and visible light are colored normally. This effect can be disabled by disabling full-screen color effects in settings.

The radar also reveals hidden objects in its entire area of effect (normally you only passively search for hidden objects in the eight immediately adjacent cells).

Penetrating radar is blocked by Forcefield.pngforcefields, Force barrier.pngforce barriers, Stasis field.pngstasis fields, and Spacetime vortex.pngspace-time vortices.

Cybernetic Info
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Body Back Head Face Arm

Destroyed when removed


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