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Must have a rate of fire greater than 1 and consume 1 ammo per shot

Native tierLess likely to appear on items
of a lower tier than this.






Tinker skill

Tinker I

Bit required


AutotinkerableCan appear spontaneously on an
item you create with tinkering.


Value multiplier





OverloadableWhether this mod is power-load sensitive, and
can be further enhanced by the overloaded mod


Distorts realityWhether this item is susceptible
to normality effects




Liquid-cooled: This weapon's rate of fire is increased, but it requires pure water to function. When fired, there's a (15-Tier) % chance that 1 dram is consumed.

Liquid-cooled is a mod for firearms that increases how many shots are fired in exchange for using up fresh water. A firearm can only be liquid-cooled if they already fire multiple shots (in succession; a burst of a pump shotgun is considered only one shot) and each shot uses one of the gun's ammo. This "ammo" can be intangible, such as a chain laser using using energy.[1]

Adding this mod to a firearm creates a slot inside the weapon that various liquids can be poured into. The exact volume that the weapon can hold is determined by the number of shots it has before the mod is applied:[1]

If this is not divisible by 8, the formula raises the volume to the next multiple of 8:

The number of shots per action is a 30-60% increase of the original number of shots (rounded down), or just one additional shot if that is larger. This percent bonus is randomly chosen at the time the item is modified. This randomization is not tied to a stable seed, meaning that it can be re-rolled using Precognition or similar effects.[1]

A liquid-cooled weapon will not fire if its liquid reservoir is empty.

Eligible Equipment

Gun Tier Shots (Base) Shots (Cooled) Volume Water Usage Chance
scoped masterwork carbine 3 3 4 8 12%
carbine 3 3 4 8 12%
chaingun 4 6 7-9 16 11%
chain pistol 4 4 5-6 8 11%
chain pistol 4 4 5-6 8 11%
chain laser 5 3 4 8 10%
swarm rack 8 10 13-16 24 7%

Extradimensional weapons with increased rate of fire can also become eligible for this mod.


This information is reliable as of patch
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