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This information is reliable as of patch If this is no longer the current patch, you can help by updating it.
As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch
with co-processor


Native tierLess likely to appear on items
of a lower tier than this.






Tinker skill

Tinker II

Bit required


AutotinkerableCan appear spontaneously on an
item you create with tinkering.


Value multiplier




Charge per Use

1 Solar cell: 2500 usesFidget cell: 2500 usesLead-acid cell: 4000 usesCombustion cell: 6000 usesChem cell: 10000 usesThermoelectric cell: 40000 usesBiodynamic cell: 60000 usesNuclear cell: 100000 usesAntimatter cell: 200000 usesMecha power core: 500000 uses


OverloadableWhether this mod is power-load sensitive, and
can be further enhanced by the overloaded mod


Distorts realityWhether this item is susceptible
to normality effects




Co-Processor: When powered, this item grants +(Tier * 0.25) Intelligence and provides (Tier * 2.5) units of compute power to the local lattice.

The with co-processor mod can be applied to headwear. When the headwear is modified, it will require an energy cell to power the mod. It spends 1 charge per turn. The intelligence boost will benefit examining artifacts and identifying hidden creatures. It does provide bonus intelligence when leveling up with an item with this mod is worn, but the next natural intelligence increase will not increase your skill points.

Intelligence Boost

The intelligence boost associated with this mod is always rounded up to the nearest integer. This means that tier 1-4 items grant +1 intelligence and tier 5-8 items grant +2 intelligence. If overloaded, an item with this mod can grant up to +3 intelligence. [1]

Compute Power

Co-processors provide compute power. The amount of compute power provided depends on the tier of the modded item. Low-tier items, such as a knollworm skull, provide little compute power. High tier items, such as a zetachrome apex provide a significant amount of compute power.

Eligible Equipment

Item Intelligence Compute Power
mental aggregator +2 +20
psychodyne helmet +2 +20
zetachrome apex +2 +20
enigma cap +2 +18
flawless crysteel coronet +2 +18
psychic meridian +2 +18
crysteel coronet +2 +15
ogre fur hat +2 +15
fullerite armet +2 +13
quartzfur hat +2 +13
telemetric visor +2 +13
ganglionic teleprojector +1 +10
leafy helm +1 +10
plastifer bonnet +1 +10
ape fur hat +1 +8
chain coif +1 +8
elastyne skull cap +1 +8
electric snail shell +1 +8
fork-horned helm +1 +8
headlamp +1 +8
miner's helmet +1 +8
square cap +1 +8
steel helmet +1 +8
knollworm skull +1 +5
crimson hood +1 +3
gentling cone +1 +3
leather cap +1 +3
wide-brimmed hat +1 +3


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