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AutotinkerableCan appear spontaneously on an
item you create with tinkering.


Value multiplier




Jewel-Encrusted: This item is much more valuable than usual and grants the wearer +100 reputation with water barons.

This information is reliable as of patch If this is no longer the current patch, you can help by updating it.
As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

Jewel-encrusted is an item mod which multiplies the value of the item it is applied to by 5 and causes the item to grant +100 reputation with water barons. It cannot be intentionally applied to an item, only appearing on randomly generated items and through autotinkering.

jewelers will sell several jewel-encrusted items.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Because the water barons faction is quite abstract, the sole member being only encounterable in one rather specific circumstance, the main benefit of the jewel-encrusted mod is the extremely high commerce value that it gives items. It is thus often best to simply sell any jewel-encrusted items, rather than keep them for use.
  • They can also be used during the quest The Earl of Omonporch to raise your reputation with the water baron faction for The First Council of Omonporch with the intent of betraying them at the council; the fact that their faction is so abstract means that there are no real consequences to doing so.