Syphon baton

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syphon baton
average: 2range: 1-3
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Tinker II

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Syphon Baton

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Extra Info:
syphon baton

Ring magnets form a cylindric mace-head to bash against objects and syphon their electron juice into a battery slotted on the shaft.

Strength Bonus Cap: 2
Weapon Class: Cudgel (dazes on critical hit)

On hit, this weapon drains electrical charge from its target and their equipment and transfers it to a slotted energy cell.


The syphon baton is a weapon that can draw energy from the targets that it hits, storing that energy into any non-full energy cell that is slotted into it.[1]

The syphon baton is capable of pulling charge:

  • Directly from creatures or objects that it hits, if those creatures or objects are capable of generating or transmitting energy. For example, this is true if the target has the Electrical Generation mutation, is a robot with integrated power systems, or is an object that generates or transmits power, such as a fusion power station or high-voltage power line.
  • From the equipment or inventory of the target that is hit, if any of those items holds an energy cell or is otherwise capable of generating energy.
  • From the cybernetics of the target, if those cybernetics are capable of generating energy.

Each hit with the syphon baton draws 10d10010-1000 (Avg: 505) energy from the target[2] and, if there is enough room, stores that energy into the energy cell that is slotted into the syphon baton. The hit does not need to penetrate for this effect to succeed. Only a single target will be syphoned from for each hit (either the creature or one of its items).

The syphon baton does not itself consume any energy to function - it only steals energy from targets.

This weapon can be found as random loot in mid-tier or high-tier zones or built with Tinker II after acquiring the required schematic.

Average Time to Recharge an Energy Cell

Assuming the target has charge available to steal, the syphon baton takes, on average, this many hits to recharge an energy cell from empty to full:

Cell Average Hits to Recharge
fidget cell 5
solar cell 5
chem cell 20
nuclear cell 198
antimatter cell 396


This information is reliable as of patch
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