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yempuris phi
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Extra info:
  • Cannot be knocked prone
  • Weighs 200 lbs
  • Damaged significantly by defoliant
yempuris phi

Bubbles of green stipules are arrayed in rings of quickening lattice growth. The pace is sorcerous; the earnest and everforward will of the plantworld is captured here at a millionfold.


Yempuris phi, deep in an icy slumber.

Yempuris phi is a plant found exclusively in cryotubes. It is guaranteed to spawn in the second cryobarrio in Bethesda Susa, and can rarely appear in random underground areas.[1][2] Once unfrozen, however, yempuris phi will spread rapidly (with each individual plant usually spawning a new plant each turn, as long as there is room), including through walls, and can quickly cover the map. Its spread is biased towards diagonal directions, especially the northwest/southeast axis, but it is capable of spreading in any lateral direction. Whenever a creature steps on it, it will impale that creature for 1d12 damage.[3]


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Due to its incredibly rapid spread and damaging properties, yempuris phi is possibly the most dangerous of the entities frozen within cryotubes. If unfrozen (for instance, due to the guaranteed missile cannibal in the cryobarrio) and allowed to spread even slightly beyond its original location, it can be very difficult to eradicate. A defoliant pump or large numbers of defoliant gas grenades will destroy it quickly enough to keep its spread under control.


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