Wild-eyed watervine merchant

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wild-eyed watervine merchant
Wildeyed watervine merchant.png


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Wild Watervine Merchant


grazing hedonists (Loved100 Reputation)
Children of Mamon (Loved100 Reputation)





Corpse Dropped

human corpse (90%)

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275 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
wild-eyed watervine merchant

As you approach this still figure you catch sight of his coat, sewn from frayed, varicolored patches. This man is filthy and wild-eyed. His mouth twists into a delirious grin when he notices you; judging by that aspect of glee and eagerness, he seems to believe that he alone is privy to some cardinal knowledge, which will surely enlighten you once he deigns to share it.


The wild-eyed watervine merchant is a unique member of the grazing hedonists and Children of Mamon factions. He is a crazed human "merchant".


The wild-eyed watervine merchant is a member of the Children of Mamon, and preaches their beliefs to those who will listen. He claims to possess a "cloven mind", and tells the player that they and him are "nothing, the most insignificant afterthoughts of an amaranthine shade". He seeks to reach the "amaranthine dream", "the heights within ourselves we might yet reach", which he believes can be achieved with the help of Mamon Souldrinker. He claims the "dream" is within "all of us -- shades of our elder selves" and says "within each man, a goat. Within each goat, a man!"


The wild-eyed watervine merchant can always be found by following the river north of Kyakukya on an eastwardly course. Eventually, the player will come upon a zone where the river is tainted with blood, and where smoke can be seen emanating from one side of the screen. The wild-eyed watervine merchant will be found in this zone, and Mamon Souldrinker's village lair can be found in the next zone, in the direction of the smoke.[1][2]


The wild-eyed watervine merchant is notable for carrying a large quantity of severed limbs on his person. He will always stock 10-12 random severed limbs from members of the goatfolk faction, and 10-12 limbs from members of the Naphtaali tribe. Additionally, he will carry 8 canteens, each filled with 1d65-10-64 (Avg: 32) drams of blood, and a special cybernetics credit wedge 2¢ that is signifcantly cheaper than normal. The wild-eyed watervine merchant does not restock.[3][4]


The wild-eyed watervine merchant, due to his dual faction membership, will be neutral to the player by default, but will become hostile if the player attacks him or any fellow faction members within view of him.


The wild-eyed watervine merchant always comes equipped with a walking stick, which he will utilize in melee combat. Additionally, he will always be wearing a patchwork coat and a pair of leather moccasins.[4]


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