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This is paid content only available to patrons.
This content can be downloaded by being a Arconaut+ tier patron of Freehold Games.
This is paid content only available to patrons.

This content can only be accessed by being a Arconaut+ tier patron of Freehold Games.

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vines (Loved100 Reputation)





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50 XP

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Extra info:

Limbs* (Vine): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations

Shuffling along on countless little fronds like a smarmy caterpillar, this vine sidles along xyr way, eternally seeking a worthy audience for xyr slippery wit.


Frondzie is a Patron-only pet that the player character can choose to spawn with. Xe is a sentient vine who enjoys telling jokes that much of the rest of Qud takes offense.

Frondzie has the ability to taunt a random target. This taunt makes fun of a random topic; this topic can be a random object, faction, key locations, or characters, and has no bearing on the actual target of the taunt. The target must make a Willpower save with a difficulty of 12 against Frondzie's Ego. If they fail this save, they become enraged by the mockery and their highest priority is to attack Frondzie.

This taunt will can target any creature within the zone, including those who are considered neutral or even friendly to the player/Frondzie. After the taunt, Frondzie must wait 20 turns to taunt again. If Frondzie somehow lacks a party leader, xe will not taunt.


Subpage: Frondzie/Conversations

Recall Story

[ Feeling Vine ]

"Hey bud! Hey, hey meat-bud! Wake up! How'dja sleep? I slept 'vine'. Geddit? I’m feeling 'vine'.
I kid! I don’t sleep! I’m a plant!
I did run through all the Canticles Chromaic while you were sleeping, and boy are my fronds tired! Gave me a few new jokes, though! Mind if I test 'em out? You don't mind, right? You don't.
So: what did the three Mechanimists say when they discovered the Six Day Stilt?
'Well, well, well!' Geddit?
Okay, so why is Bethesda Susa so noisy? Because the Temple is so 'rock-us'!
Nothin'? Tough crowd.
This is worse than the time I did a set for a bunch of urshiib. I really 'bara-threw-em' for a loop!
We breaking camp already? Nice! Where are we headed? Hey, let's stock up on water and hit the salt pans. I've always wanted to go. The 'Moghra'yi' hear about it, the 'Moghra'yi' love it! But then I met one of the locals and let me say, Issachari? More like he's-a scary!
Ha ha, you're walking a little fast there, bud! Wait for old Frondzie!"

Pet Response

Frondzie says, 'Yowza! That was the pet of the month!'