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This page describes the official Freehold Games pets. For a discussion on unofficial modded pets, see Modding:Pets.
Disambiguation This page describes the official Freehold Games pets. For a discussion on unofficial modded pets, see Modding:Pets.
This is paid content only available to patrons.
This content can be downloaded by being a Arconaut+ tier patron of Freehold Games.
This is paid content only available to patrons.

This content can only be accessed by being a Arconaut+ tier patron of Freehold Games.

This information is reliable as of patch If this is no longer the current patch, you can help by updating it.
As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

Pets are optional companions that can be chosen during character creation. Currently, all official pets can only be obtained by supporting the Freehold Games Patreon at the Arconaut ($5) tier or higher, though once obtained pets are owned indefinitely. Pets are released periodically, sometimes in batches of a few at a time.

All pets start friendly to the player and are immune to Beguiling, Proselytize, and love injectors. This means that even if one can be spawned, it will not be friendly unless it is properly created upon character creation. Pets do not spawn in dynamic encounters, except either / or.

They cannot be wished for without downloading the respective content.

Redeeming a Code

After becoming a patron, the posts for all previous pets will be unlocked.

  1. Copy the code for the pet you want to download.
  2. On the start menu, select Redeem Code.
  3. Paste the code into the input box.
  4. It is successful when the message "Your new pet is ready to love." pops up.

List of Pets

Pet Description Combat Behavior Release Month


A small rhinox. Charges violently similar to his larger counterparts, but weaker. Fights, has a charge ability. May 2019

either / or

A pair of the player character's alternate selves. Causes a variety of effects on level up or adding journal accomplishments. Incorporeal, but can create dangerous liquids or creatures. June 2019


A loyal dog. Fetches random objects on the ground. Fights, has a small aggro range. July 2019


A nullphase owl. Has a chance of revealing secrets. Incorporeal August 2019


A lovestruck robot. Has the ability to teleport to the player when they are in danger. Fights, has a teleport ability. September 2019


A jokester vine. Taunts random creatures. Fights, has a taunt ability. November 2019


A starapple-loving robot. Does not fight December 2019


A sentient chair. Does not fight, high health but vulnerable to disintigrate January 2020


A peculiar frog borne from the realm of tattooed imagination. Does not fight March 2020
Iopinax the younger.png

Iopinax the Younger

Probable descendant of the great three-headed mountain goat famously described in Across Moghra'yi, Vol. II: Athenreach. Fights, refracts all light based attacks. March 2020


An Esper. And a bear. A mind-tinker with an inexplicable force of ego. Fights, has Mental Mirror. April 2020
Man opener.png

Man Opener

A pit beetle with armor-peeling, man-crunching, dismembering horns. Fights May 2020


A mechanical worm with the ability to manipulate light. Fights, has Light Manipulation June 2020
Important fish.png

important fish

A steel-and-chrome, piston-powered, laser-wielding fish. Fights, has a laser pistol. September 2020 (Summer Triad)
Lorent epsome wraithknight errant.png

Lorent Epsome, Wraith-Knight Errant

An enigmatic, busted Templar phylactery projection. Incorporeal September 2020 (Summer Triad)


A sentient fungus that thinks you're the pet. Does not fight September 2020 (Summer Triad)


A servile robot with Moon King Fever. Fights January 2021 (Autumn Triad)
You but mechanical.png

You, but mechanical

A robotic imposter who thinks they are the real you. Fights January 2021 (Autumn Triad)
Gruwofufo loyal snapjaw retainer.png

Gru-wof-ufo, loyal snapjaw retainer

A loyal snapjaw retainer. Fights January 2021 (Autumn Triad)
Knot of roots.png

A network of roots

A network of roots that provides storage at settlements. Does not fight April 2021 (Winter Triad)


A land-dwelling sea slug that dazzles enemies with her rainbow colors. Fights, has a confuse ability when damaged April 2021 (Winter Triad)


An adorable girshling. Fights April 2021 (Winter Triad)
Mote cloud.png

mote cloud

A cloud of light. Incorporeal, has Light Manipulation April 2022 (New Year Triad)
Recall star.png

Recall Star

A floating crystalline octahedron. Fights, has a natural missile weapon and reality altering effects April 2022 (New Year Triad)
Unpleasant mirror.png

unpleasant mirror

A magic mirror that makes creatures feel bad about themselves. Does not fight or move, spawns at a random location each map and debuffs nearby enemies April 2022 (New Year Triad)
Mniq mnaq.png

Mniq Mnaq

A tiny saltback tortoise. Fights, is very durable February 2023 (New Year Triad)

ooEEOOH, baboon girl

A dancing baboon girl. Fights February 2023 (New Year Triad)


A small flightless dawnglider Fights, has Flaming Ray February 2023 (New Year Triad)


The tip of a chrome pyramid. Fights, has high HP, will not equip melee weapons but will equip ranged ones. July 2023 (Spring Triad)


An all-terrain pig. Fights July 2023 (Spring Triad)
Small problems.png

Small Problems

A three headed fungal friend Fights July 2023 (Spring Triad)
Bon te bok.png

Bon te Bok

A highly entropic antelope. Fights, uses the mutations Teleportation, Teleport Other, Temporal Fugue July 2023 (Spring Triad)