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worms (Loved100 Reputation)



Experience?The XP granted when killed. Click
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50 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • Made out of Metal
  • This creature is pettable
  • Cannot be knocked prone
  • Weighs 200 lbs

Limbs* (Worm): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations

Product out of placement, this strange appliance wanders the wastes. They are called Snakelite, a beacon of aggressive advertisement hawking wares in the voice of a long-dead manufacturer. Buried aside Snakelite's creator lies the rationale behind granting machine intelligence to a mechanical worm with an electric torch for a head. Why were they made to be as long as a human child? Were they intended to defend their owner with dispassionate and disproportionate violence? We will never know. It's Snakelite!


Snakelite is a metal worm with the Light Manipulation mutation, two different Cudgel natural weapons, and a curious degree of machine intelligence.

Snakelite's \Saf-T Lens deals 1-2 Heat damage and their \Saf-T Coat Articulated Chassis is essentially a steel war hammer without the Strength bonus cap. With average Strength but a comfortable 75 HP, Snakelite acts as a beacon in the darkness while they melee and potentially daze a target while their companion fires projectiles at it from as far away as they'd like.

Oddly, Snakelite respirates. Why does a metal entity who bleeds oil breathe like a living creature? It's Snakelite!

The player could also try to focus on the offensive application of Snakelite's Light Manipulation by giving Snakelite some Ego-boosting equipment to make up for their 14 Ego, such as a knollworm skull, which prevents them from using their \Saf-T Lens, or maybe give them mirrorshades for the face that they don't have. A lucky player may even obtain a chrome mantle, which prevents Snakelite from using their \Saf-T Coat Articulated Chassis. Disabling the natural weapons of a creature who does not have hands is not advisable. There are better pets for ranged support.

Snakelite comes shipped with a random gender that is rolled during world generation. This does not affect the pronouns used for Snakelite on their packaging.

Snakelite's dialogue consists of pre-recorded advertisements and consumer information, and involves various transcribed audio glitches such as buzzing, skipping, and pausing. They will always glitch when attempting to play back a recording of their manufacturer's name or information on Snakelite maintenance. The recordings also mention that Snakelite is equipped with machine learning capabilities and a now-disabled "learning monitor," as they assure you that "Snakelite is NOT sapient." Connections start being drawn when they address you by name.


Subpage: Snakelite/Conversations

Recall Story

[ Promotional Materials ]

*mangled text from the remains of his packaging*

Call him from anywhere in the house and he'll find you!
Snakelite's so clever, he can cling to any surface!
Whether you're reading in bed, or repairing the-
*text becomes unreadable*

-even control and intensify its light!
WARNING: Do not disable intensity limiter. Snakelite *torn away*
cause disorientation and disrupted vision. This feat *torn away*
serious burns to the skin. Snakelite is not a toy, and fa *torn away*
cannot be held responsible for misuse. Further safety *torn away*


Pet Response

Snakelite plays a jaunty little tune.