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Chair Level?Chair level affects the power
of the sitting effect


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Extra info:
  • This creature is pettable
  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • Can be animated

Sprial-grained wood was coopered into the Sublime Angle by a secret carver in three places: the headrest and two rockers. A small inscription on the oblong splat avers the wood was stolen from an emir's palace grove in the Hanging Hills and smuggled across the Homs Delta. There, this mysterious stranger worked a simple beauty out of the wood. But what other workbench sorcery was performed? The chair rocks of its own accord, and its tight friction squeals are a bride language to those who listen.


Ercolano is an animated rocking chair. They will not participate in combat, although they can be damaged and killed. Unlike other sentient chairs, sitting on them is not considered a hostile action, and will respond in multiple ways. This sitting provides the regular effects of sitting, such as a bonus to correctly identifying artifacts and slightly increasing heal rate.


Subpage: Ercolano/Conversations

Recall Story

[ Doors ]

* Onomatopoetically named for the sound they make when they open ("dooooooooooooooor")
* Weirdly insistent on bidirectionality
* "Ajar" puns and "knock knock" jokes
* Unfairly saddled with the metaphorical baggage of change and transition, when really they just stand there


* Clear sense of boundaries
* Like lockpicks, utility often depends on size
* Fun (and productive) to imagine what might live inside them


* Nature's workhorses
* Emblems of our collection delusion (meant to be used for getting things done, much better at having things piled on top)
* Allow for an ontological underspace
* "Legs"


* Invitation of stillness in a shifting world
* They make you shorter
* Form follows function
* Also "legs"

Pet Response

Ercolano rocks gently.