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chrome idol
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Chrome Idol


Naphtaali tribe (Loved100 Reputation)
robots (Neutral25 Reputation)



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400 XP

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Limbs* (HoverRobot): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
chrome idol

Skimming the underbrush, sailing on air, a shiny ooid of perfect chrome reflects the dim light peeking through the canopy's braided tresses. A larger version of the knit mask worn by the Naphtaali rootdwellers adorns their surface in imitation of a face. They rotate with specious purpose.


A chrome idol is a robotic creature belonging to the Naphtaali tribe and robots factions. Chrome idols are commonly found in the jungle.[1]

Chrome idols will begin hostile to the player due to the player's low initial reputation with the Naphtaali tribe. In order for chrome idols to be neutral by default, the player must have at least neutral reputation with the Naphtaali tribe; the player's reputation with robots has no effect on the chrome idol's disposition.

Usually, chrome idols possess no equipment or weaponry of any kind, and will simply attack with their manipulators, which are equivalent to their fists.[2]

Naphtaali Pack

Chrome idols will always be accompanied by several members of the Naphtaali tribe, who will be followers to the chrome idol. The number of members will be random, and when a chrome idol is spawned, the chosen members will be spawned and randomly distributed around the chrome idol in a 4 tile radius; members cannot be placed in non-passable tiles, such as those occupied by walls, and the number of such tiles nearby can result in less members being present than there would be otherwise.

The number of members are as follows. Members will be spawned in this order and placed in nearby cells until all members have been spawned, or there are no remaining valid tiles to place them in.[3]

Chrome Idol Hero

Chrome idols will occasionally spawn as chrome idol heroes, which are legendary and possess additional properties.[4] Unlike other "heroes", the randomly generated names of chrome idol heroes have no impact on their properties and are purely cosmetic.

All chrome idol heroes will have the following:[5]


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