Brooding rosepuff

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brooding rosepuff
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fungi (Loved100 Reputation)



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25 XP

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Limbs* (Fungus): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
brooding rosepuff

Rose gills tense and release, tense and release, tense and release, as if drawing breath into the puffer's stem. With each exhalation it belches a cloud of indigo spores like motes of twilight. They flutter back to the cap and congeal into an rose plasma.


A brooding rosepuff is a type of fungus which spreads spores that can transmit a certain type of fungal infection. The type of infection caused by brooding rosepuffs is randomly determined for each newly created world.

When a player or creature that has less than 250 reputation with the fungi faction enters any of the 8 tiles surrounding a brooding rosepuff, the puff will spew its infectious spores into the air. The spores dissipate in the same way that a gas dissipates. In a wide open area, the spores will generally linger in the air for around 60-100 turns, while in an enclosed area, they will linger for longer. Any creature or player that is in the same tile as fungal spores must make a toughness save each turn (difficulty 10) or become afflicted with itchy skin, which eventually leads to the fungal infection after 2-3 days.[1] Drinking Honey.pnghoney or eating Yuckwheat stem.pngyuckwheat stems does not help in fighting off itchy skin.


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