Aloe fugues

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aloe fugues


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Aloe Fugues


succulents (Loved100 Reputation)





Extra info:
  • Cannot be knocked prone
  • Weighs 200 lbs
  • Damaged significantly by defoliant
aloe fugues

Mottled leaf-chutes are splayed out in a rosette. They all bear the same imperfections.

You step on the aloe fugues and vibrate through spacetime.

— upon walking over

The aloe fugues is a succulent that creates copies of any creature that walks over it.

When a creature (including the player) steps into the tile that an aloe fugues occupies, the aloe will create 1d4+12-5 (Avg: 3.5) "fugues" of the creature. These fugues will be allied to their progenitor, and will be perfect replications, possessing all of the original's items, abilities, and equipment. However, these items will not be dropped when a fugue dies and will disappear along with the fugue when it expires, even if they are removed from it's inventory somehow. The fugues will persist until they die or for 100-120 rounds before simply disappearing.

When an aloe fugues is stepped on, it is placed on cooldown for 300 rounds, during which time it cannot create fugues and becomes a slightly darker green color. Once this cooldown period has elapsed, the fugue will return to it's normal bright green color and will be able to create fugues once more.[1]


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