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The equipment screen

There is a variety of equipment available in Caves of Qud, which are items that can be applied to an equipment slot for varying character effects.


All entities have several slots relevant to key body parts, such as Feet, which can be used to equip relevant items from their inventory, such as Croccasins.pngcroccasins. Technically speaking, slots contain both the equipped item and the body part it represents: suffering Left Arm dismemberment will cause the victim to drop [Name]'s Left Arm, drop any items equipped in the Left Arm and Left Hand slots, will block using Left Missile Weapon, and the only way to restore the lost slots is to find a way to reoccupy the [Name]'s Left Arm slot (e.g. by using a Ubernostrum injector.pngubernostrum injector).


Main article: Armor (AV)
Main article: Dodge (DV)

Clothing and shields are tied to the AV ♦ and DV ○ stats. AV is the amount of protection it provides against successful attacks and DV is how likely you are to dodge an attack. AV and DV scale inversely, as heavier armor and shields improve blocking at the cost of speed, whereas lighter armor absorbs less damage but makes dodging easier. Taking certain kinds of damage can degrade armor values: for example, being struck too many times by Cleave will cause equipped items to become cracked, which causes a ♦ -1 penalty each time it is inflicted.

Clothing occupies multiple slots on the body. On the average humanoid body they are:

  • Head
  • Face
  • Back
  • Body
  • Hands
  • Feet


Main article: Penetration (PV)

Weapons and ammo are tied to the PV stat. Assuming a player has the Agility to hit their target, PV is a roll to determine how much damage is done against the recipient's AV (Armor). PV can be very complex and varies greatly among weapon types, but the general concept is that as PV approaches (and then passes) DV the attacker has better likelihood of dealing greater percentage of damage. Weapons can suffer negative status effects similarly to worn equipment: for example, swimming through salt water with metal items equipped will cause them to become rusted, which prevents using them as a weapon and divides their commerce value by 100 until they are repaired.

PV stats are relevant for the following slots on an average humanoid body:

  • Left Arm
  • Left Hand
  • Right Arm
  • Right Hand
  • Left Missile Weapon
  • Right Missile Weapon
  • Thrown Weapon


Additional unique buffs and debuffs can be applied through drones equipped on the single non-body slot:

  • Floating Nearby

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