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Glotrot is an illness that causes the tongue to rot away. It begins as a sore throat, which after a week or so will fully develop into glotrot. It can be contracted by drinking, cooking with, or falling into black ooze. Many creatures that are made of or use black ooze as a form of attack can also make the player character contract a sore throat, such as black jells, sewage eels tripping the player character into a puddle of it, or Slog of the Cloaca spewing the liquid.

Initial Stages

sore throat


Effect Type

Metabolic, Circulatory, Illness, Negative, Removable

sore throat

Throat is sore and tongue is swollen.

The initial stage of sore throat is set to 0.

Every day after the initial contraction (1,200 turns), a toughness save with difficulty 13 will be rolled, or a check to see if 1d20+Toughness Modifier > 13. If this is the case, the stage of sore throat decreases by one and "You feel a bit better" will be visible in the message log.

If the total stage count is less than -1, the player has shaken off the onset and is fully cured. "You feel better." will appear in the message log.

Else, this cycle will continue until the sore throat stage is equal to or greater than 3, or a total of 5 or more days have passed, the sore throat will progress into stage 2 glotrot.


For improving save chance, see Illness#Increasing Save Chance.

Outside of willingly consuming black goo, the only ways of getting glotrot are from specific enemies. Black jells will only give glotrot in melee. The times that a player falls into black goo can be mitigated by revealing sewage eels before stepping into it, evaporating the goo, or avoiding stepping on black goo entirely.

Glotrot Stage 2

You have contracted glotrot! Your tongue begins to bleed as the muscle rots away.



Effect Type

Metabolic, Circulatory, Illness, Negative, Removable


Tongue is rotting away.
Starts bleeding when eating or drinking.

Contracting glotrot has effects even before the tongue rots away:

  • Drinking water has a 25% chance of causing the player to vomit, putrefying 4 drams (or as much as it can) of the liquid as well as making the player dessicated. To prevent contaminating a full waterskin, it is recommended to separate the water so each waterskin only has 4 or so drams inside.
  • Eating or drinking will cause bleeding of ♥1d1 damage with a toughness save of 25.

A new timer starts once stage 2 begins. Every day after entering the second stage of glotrot (1,200 turns) the stage will increase by one. Two days after entering this stage, you will get the message

Your tongue begins to bleed as the muscle rots away.

and have a bleeding of ♥1d1 damage with a toughness save of 25.

Once the stage is equal to 3 or greater(after three days have passed), it proceeds to the full onset.

Full Onset


Tongue has rotted away.
Can't speak.

Fully rotting away a tongue has multiple consequences:

  • Ego and Snake Oiler no longer have any effects during trading, and a trading penalty will be applied.
  • All dialogue choices are replaced with "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.", unless the player has Telepathy. This means that quests that require speaking to someone cannot be progressed.
  • Proselytize can not be used without a tongue.
  • Rebuke Robot can not be used without a tongue.
  • Drinking water still has a 25% chance of causing the player to vomit, putrefying the liquid as well as making the player dessicated.

Curing Glotrot

The main way to cure glotrot is through drinking the Flaming Ick. The recipe is randomly generated each game and specified inside the Corpus Choliys. The Flaming Ick will always consist of 3 different liquids (1 dram, 1 dram, and 3 drams respectively) to be drunk out of a flaming canteen. The exact proportions do not matter: only for the third liquid to be the primary liquid (be the largest component of the mixture). The container type also does not matter as long as it is able to become flaming without being destroyed. Flaming happens when items get hot such as by being left on a campfire.

The possible liquids are:[1]

The Flaming Ick can be drunk even during the sore throat stage, where it will be fully cured before the tongue rots away. However, if this was not done in time, regrowing the tongue becomes an additional step needed to fully cure glotrot.

The first half of the cure has succeeded if the player receives this message:

It tastes even worse than you had imagined -- like a dead turtle boiled in phlegm.

However, glotrot is not fully cured until the tongue is regrown. This means that water will still become putrid, even after drinking the ick, unless the tongue is regenerated. This can be achieved in multiple ways:

Once the tongue grows back, the player has successfully cured glotrot.

You are cured of glotrot. Your tongue regrows.

Regrowing a tongue without drinking the Flaming Ick will not cure glotrot, and the tongue will begin to bleed and rot away again.


  • Losing one’s tongue as a result of glotrot will grant the Say No More Steam achievement.
  • Regrowing one’s tongue as the final step of curing glotrot will grant the Tongue in Cheek Steam achievement. Additionally, this will grant the Synolymb achievement if the player does not already have it.
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