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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

Caves of Qud uses an idiosyncratic system of measuring time. The base measurement the game uses is referred to as a TimeTick (also referred to as game ticks in this article). Each TimeTick can be generally considered to be an ingame turn at 100 quickness.

There are 24 hours in a day, and 50 game ticks in an hour.


Years are separated into two separate eras: BR (Before Resheph) and AR (After Resheph). These two are separated by the year that Resheph resigned as the last Sultan. Like the real life equivalents BCE and CE, years in BR count backwards, so 60 BR is later in time than 100 BR.

PP is an alternate era name used in Frivolous Lives, Vol. I, which denotes the rule before the 6 sultans. Like BR, the years in PP count backwards. The author denotes PP as "prior [to] publication". The specific year in which Frivolous Lives was published is unknown, but since it references Abram I as ruling from '100?-97?' prior to publication, this places it around 1000AR, since Resheph and Abram were contemporaneous in 3AR.[1]

YK is another alternate era name used in Corpus Choliys and Council at Gamma Rock. There is no known relationship between YK and the other eras.


One year is 13 months, 438,000 game ticks, or 365 days. At game start, the starting year is 1001 AR.


A month is measured in game as a length of 30 days (36,000 game ticks), except for Ut yara Ux, which is 5 days long (6,000 ticks).

  1. Nivvun Ut
  2. Iyur Ut
  3. Simmun Ut
  4. Tuum Ut
  5. Ubu Ut
  6. Uulu Ut
  7. Ut yara Ux* (5 days)
  8. Tishru i Ux
  9. Tishru ii Ux
  10. Kisu Ux
  11. Tebet Ux
  12. Shwut Ux
  13. Uru Ux

Ut yara Ux

Ut yara Ux was created in part for each normal month to have 30 days, with the remaining 5 days becoming Ut yara Ux. During this month, a festival takes place which its success can be a point of contention among factions. Ut yara Ux is also when the annual Wardens' Moot occurs.

Day Segments

Each day in game is 1,200 game ticks. Regular months have a total of 30 days, while the shorter months only have 5 days. Each day is separated into segments as follows:

Night Beetle Moon Zenith 25
Waning Beetle Moon 150
The Shallows 300
day Harvest Dawn 325: Day Starts
Waxing Salt Sun 575
High Salt Sun 625
Waning Salt Sun 750
Hindsun 900
Jeweled Dusk
Night 1000: Night Starts
Waxing Beetle Moon 1175
Beetle Moon Zenith 1200
Zero Hour ???


timespan in turn ticks in hours in days in months[2] in years
turn tick 1 1/50 1/1200 1/36000 1/438000
hour 50 1 1/24 1/720 1/8760
day 1200 24 1 1/30 1/365
month[2] 36000 720 30 1 6/73
year 438000 8760 365 12 1/6 1
Ut Yara Ux 6000 120 5 1/6 1/73


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • The month names appear to be loosely based on the names of the Jewish calendar months.


  1. Resheph
  2. 2.0 2.1 Any month other than Ut Yara Ux.