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ironshank is an illness that is diagnosed by the initial feeling of stiff legs and aching joints, and the leg bones will have increased growth and calcification, severely restricting movement. ironshank can be contracted by drinking or falling into black ooze on even strata, including the ground floor (strata 0, 2, 4, etc). Many creatures that are made of or use black ooze as a form of attack can also make the player contract ironshank, such as black jells, sewage eels tripping the player character into a puddle of it, or Slog of the Cloaca spewing the liquid at the player character using Bilge Sphincter.


stiff legs


Effect Type

Metabolic, Circulatory, Illness, Negative, Removable

stiff legs

Legs ache at the joints.

After the initial contraction of stiff legs, there is a check every day (1,200 game ticks) afterwards. The creature must make a toughness saving throw with difficulty 13. This means that a 20 sided dice is rolled, with the modifier for toughness added on to the result. This must be greater than or equal to 13 to succeed. If this roll succeeds, the stage of onset will decrease by 1. This has succeeded if the message "You feel a bit better." appears. Else, the message will be "Your legs ache at the joints". The initial stage of onset is 0. If the stage successfully reaches -2 (two successful saves in a row), the creature has shaken off the stiff legs without further complications.

If the total stage reaches 3, or the total amount of days infected with stiff legs reaches 5 (6,000 in game ticks), the creature will gain full blown ironshank.


For improving save chance, see Illness#Increasing Save Chance.

A character with no feet, or a character with a mobility of 0 (such as a giant clam) can not contract the disease and if it is in onset or full infection and the character meets one of these conditions, the condition will be removed.

Full Infection



Effect Type

Metabolic, Circulatory, Illness, Negative, Removable


Leg bones are fusing at the joints.
-(penalty) Move Speed
+(penalty/15) AV
Will continue to lose Move Speed and gain AV until Move Speed penalty reaches -80.

You have contracted Ironshank! You feel the cartilage stretch as your leg bones grind together at the joints.

After a full contraction of ironshank, after every 4 days (4,800 in game ticks), the creature will lose 6-10 Movement Speed, and gain AV of the current total penalty divided by 15, rounding down.

You feel the cartilage stretch as your leg bones grind together at the joints.

If at the max -80 Movement speed penalty this message is displayed instead:

Your legs bones are nearly fused at the joints.

At this point, the creature will have a total bonus of ♦5 AV.

It is possible to fully offset this movement speed penalty with Level 4 Multiple Legs.

Curing Ironshank

Curing ironshank must be done according to the Corpus Choliys, which is to drink a a mixture of gel, which is desalinated slime, and a randomly generated liquid. The proportions are not important, so if one liquid is hard to come by it can be "diluted" by making the cure one dram one liquid and the rest the other liquid.

The randomly generated liquid will be chosen to be either:[1]

Drinking the cure is successful if "The pain in your joints subsides." appears in the message log within a day (1,200 in game ticks), after which the cure can be drunk again.

The Movement Speed penalty will decrease by 6-10, with the AV bonus decreasing to match. Once the penalty reaches 0, the player character has fully cured ironshank. Curing this grants the Footloose achievement.

It is possible to put off fully curing ironshank to keep the AV bonus but keep the movement speed penalty to manageable levels.

Note that if asphalt is part of the cure, it will still deal the damage that occurs when drinking asphalt. In a perfect 1:1 mixture, this will deal ♥6d66-36 (Avg: 21), potentially enough to kill a low-health player. Using a higher ratio of gel to asphalt will reduce the damage, see asphalt for details.

Alternatively, you may simply remove all of your feet, such as with the Amputate Limb skill. The feet can be regrown through any standard means, and ironshank will remain cured. Mutating Regeneration and raising it to at least level 5 will also cure ironshank.


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