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There are two classes of random cooking effects that can be granted by particular cooking ingredients:

  • Random, usually powerful cooking effects:

Random cooking effects has a much broader spread of effects to pick from, and Random, usually powerful cooking effects focuses on the rarer and more powerful effects.

Ingredients with these effects will not appear in recipes created while inspired from Carbide Chef; a random ingredient that provides the effect chosen will be picked instead.[1] However, they may still end up in other generated recipes, such as in village ovens.

Random Effects [2]

A notable inclusion on this list is uncertain attribute-based effects, the effect drops of nectar provide, at a 1.47% chance of being picked. Including the 25% chance for the actual effect to activate, there is a 0.37% chance of every meal to gain +1 to all attributes.

Unused Effects

None of the following effects will be (directly) chosen. However, included effects may be supersets of these, in which case the effects may still show up.

Cooking Effect Table

Cooking EffectWeightChance
artifact-based effects102.94%
water and thirst-based effects102.94%
secret-based effects102.94%
darkness-based effects102.94%
armor-based effects102.94%
simple plant-based effects102.94%
powerful plant-based effects102.94%
electric-based effects102.94%
cold-based effects102.94%
heat and fire-based effects102.94%
love and loyalty-based effects102.94%
teleport-based effects102.94%
regeneration and healing-based effects102.94%
powerful regeneration and healing-based effects102.94%
disease prevention and curing-based effects102.94%
acid-based effects102.94%
fungus-based effects102.94%
phasing-based effects102.94%
HP-based effects102.94%
powerful damage reflection-based effects102.94%
damage reflection-based effects102.94%
simple Willpower-based effects102.94%
strength-based effects102.94%
burrowing-based effects102.94%
agility-based effects102.94%
fear-based effects102.94%
fire-breathing effects20.59%
powerful fire-breathing effects10.29%
ice-breathing effects20.59%
powerful ice-breathing effects10.29%
corrosive gas-breathing effects20.59%
powerful corrosive gas-breathing effects10.29%
sleep gas-breathing effects20.59%
powerful sleep gas-breathing effects10.29%
normality gas-breathing effects20.59%
powerful normality gas-breathing effects10.29%
poison gas-breathing effects20.59%
powerful poison gas-breathing effects10.29%
stun gas-breathing effects20.59%
powerful stun gas-breathing effects10.29%
confusion gas-breathing effects20.59%
powerful confusion gas-breathing effects10.29%
special Quickness-based effects41.18%
special regeneration-based effects41.18%
dissociation-based effects102.94%
uncertain attribute-based effects51.47%
slime-spitting effects102.94%
self-poisoning effects20.59%
self-diseasing effects10.29%
rubber-based effects51.47%
powerful rubber-based effects51.47%
tongue-based effects102.94%

Random, usually powerful Effects [2]

A notable inclusion on this list is the volatile density-based effects, the effect that neutron flux provides, with a 5.95% chance of being selected. Including the 10% chance of instant death, this means that there is a 0.60% chance of death every meal.

Unused Effects

None of the following effects will be (directly) chosen. However, included effects may be supersets of these, in which case the effects may still show up.

Cooking Effect Weights

Cooking EffectWeightChance
artifact-based effects105.95%
water and thirst-based effects10.60%
secret-based effects105.95%
darkness-based effects105.95%
armor-based effects105.95%
powerful plant-based effects105.95%
electric-based effects21.19%
cold-based effects21.19%
heat and fire-based effects21.19%
love and loyalty-based effects105.95%
teleport-based effects21.19%
powerful regeneration and healing-based effects105.95%
acid-based effects10.60%
fungus-based effects10.60%
phasing-based effects21.19%
HP-based effects10.60%
powerful damage reflection-based effects105.95%
simple Willpower-based effects10.60%
strength-based effects10.60%
burrowing-based effects10.60%
agility-based effects10.60%
fear-based effects10.60%
powerful fire-breathing effects31.79%
powerful ice-breathing effects31.79%
powerful corrosive gas-breathing effects31.79%
powerful sleep gas-breathing effects31.79%
powerful normality gas-breathing effects31.79%
powerful poison gas-breathing effects31.79%
powerful stun gas-breathing effects31.79%
powerful confusion gas-breathing effects31.79%
special Quickness-based effects10.60%
special regeneration-based effects10.60%
volatile density-based effects105.95%
dissociation-based effects10.60%
uncertain attribute-based effects105.95%
self-poisoning effects10.60%
self-diseasing effects10.60%
powerful rubber-based effects105.95%
tongue-based effects105.95%


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