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advanced toolkit
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50 Solar cell: 50 usesFidget cell: 50 usesLead-acid cell: 80 usesCombustion cell: 120 usesChem cell: 200 usesThermoelectric cell: 800 usesBiodynamic cell: 1200 usesNuclear cell: 2000 usesAntimatter cell: 4000 usesMecha power core: 10000 uses

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Advanced Toolkit

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Extra Info:
advanced toolkit

An array of tinkering utensils clang against carbide: voltmeter, polyjack, soldering knife, ion shield, circuitboard, and three spare vacuum tubes.

When powered, this item greatly increases the chance of identifying artifacts and recovering additional bits when you disassemble artifacts. When unpowered, it functions as a basic toolkit, mildly increasing the chance of recovering additional bits.


When powered in the inventory, the advanced toolkit gives a +20 bonus to Disassemble checks, improving the chances of acquiring more bits when disassembling an artifact, and a +3 bonus to artifact examination. These bonuses do not stack with other advanced toolkits, basic toolkits, or wrist calcs.

When unpowered, the advanced toolkit gives only a +5 bonus to Disassemble checks, and no bonus to artifact examination. Note that contrary to the description, this is only half the bonus of a basic toolkit.