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Certain usually-inanimate objects may become animated, either (rarely) by spawning that way, or via the use of Sprayabrain.pngSpray-a-Brain or a Nanoneuro animator.pngnano-neuro animator.

After an object is brought to life, it will gain a full body plan of equip-able slots and default body "weapons" (similar to fists) based on its object type, and will have the animated prefix added to its name. It will become able to move around and speak, and will be associated with the newly sentient beings faction. It is possible for the newly animated object to be hostile to its creator based on this faction association.

Once animated, the object remains independent and will not consider the creature that brought them to life to be their party leader. To recruit the animated object as a follow requires additional effort, such as through Beguiling.

Animatable Objects

All objects with the Animatable tag may be animated.[1] Currently this includes all objects in AnimatableFurniture and nothing else.[2]


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