Death pilgrim

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Death pilgrims are dynamically generated cultists that appear in groups 2-4 in the Tomb of the Eaters.pngTomb of the Eaters. They can be identified from their name that will have "and death pilgrim of the (cult name)" appended to their name. They will be a cultist of either the Cult of the Coiled Lamb or the other 5 randomly generated Sultan cults. None of them have the Mark of Death, so they will be attacked by Conservator.pngconservators and ignore the Bell of Rest. When spoken to, they will have "Tread in the peace at the tomb of (a sultan's title)" appended to their dialogue.

Creature types

The creature generated is based on what factions have positive opinions of that sultan. The tier of the creature is also 6, with a 15% chance for the tier to be 5 or 7 instead. The creature must also not be a restocking merchant. [1]


This information is reliable as of patch
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