When on/in other objects/liquids:
salty or brackish liquid
salt-encrusted object
salt-stained object
Vaporizes at


Base temperature


Cooking Effect

simple taste-based effects

Value per dram


Weight per dram




Cleaning factor


Prompt to wade through?


Prompt to drink?



SaltPool, SaltPuddle,SaltWaterskin_Ingredient

Liquid ID


salt is a very common liquid found throughout the land in and surrounding Qud. The ground's primary liquid is considered salt, so all liquids that are poured on an empty tile becomes mixed with salt as well. It has no worth, because of how commonly it can be found. If salt is in a liquid, it will be salty or brackish.

Drinking salt will increase thirst by -100,000 for each dram of salt consumed. For example. if one dram of brackish water is consumed which is 50/50 each salt and water, it will replenish 5,000 thirst (from 0.5 drams water) and lose -50,000 thirst (from 0.5 drams salt). Because of this, salt water will not satiate thirst and is worthless in trade. If the drinker consumed it with their mouth, which means they did not take Amphibious, they will get the message "Blech, it's salty!".

Sources of Salt

Cooking with Salt

Salt can be used as cooking ingredient while dilluted with water (as long as salt is the largest component of the mix), making it readily available just about anywhere. However cooking by recipes (including ones invented with Carbide Chef skill) will always require pure salt, even if original dish was made with dillute version.

Salt has a unique property in that it will only provide the effect when cooking with a campfire. Actually cooking with salt only forces the meal cooked to become tasty, which provides random minor bonuses to a stat. Because of this, Randomly generated oven recipes that use salt will not grant the tasty bonus, and only return the message "Mmmm."

Possible Effects
+10% HP
+1 MA
+6% Movement Speed
+3% Quickness
+1 Strength,Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Toughness, or Ego
+10% to natural healing rate
+1 to hit for melee weapons