Newly sentient beings

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newly sentient beings
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Old?Whether this faction existed during the
sultanate, which determines if they:
  • can be obliterated
  • can be fabricated
  • can be Cherubim
  • yes

    ID?Use this ID to Wish for faction reputation
    Example: factionrep:Newly Sentient Beings:100

    Newly Sentient Beings

    Newly sentient beings are a faction in Caves of Qud. In most cases, they are normally-inanimate objects that have become intelligent and mobile, typically through the application of Sprayabrain.pngSpray-a-Brain or a Nanoneuro animator.pngnano-neuro animator. A few preset newly sentient beings in-game have more unique origins, such as Thah.pngThah.


    [ Newly sentient beings ]

    What am I?

    What is "live"? What is "drink"?

    1) Live and drink. [End]

    Creatures in the newly sentient beings Faction